Quick Start
Get set up and running with a new project in minutes

1. Install

Install Programmatic by opening your terminal and run:
pip install --upgrade pip
pip install programmatic --extra-index-url "https://pypi.humanloop.com/simple"
This will install the Humanloop Command Line Interface (CLI) as well as the Programmatic app. To test your installation run the command humanloop --help.


Programmatic requires Python>=3.8.
OS support includes Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.
We strongly recommend that you upgrade pip before installing Programmatic.
pip install --upgrade pip
(or python -m pip install --upgrade pip on Windows)
Recent versions of pip have had slow dependency-resolution strategies, and upgrading to the latest version of pip helps.
If you encounter issues with the vector similarity no-code labelling function on an M1 Mac, set the environment variable: OBJC_DISABLE_INITIALIZE_FORK_SAFETY=YES before running humanloop run.
If you are having issues or would prefer to install within a Docker container, see Running in Docker.

2. Create a project

You can create a new project in two easy steps. Open your terminal and then:
Step 1: Type humanloop init my-first-project
Select the NLP task you're tackling (span extraction or classification) to view project templates. Choose from one of the available project templates for your selected task.
We recommend checking out the snips project template for span extraction and the clickbait template for classification to get to know the UI.
Step 2: Type humanloop run my-first-project
Well done! You've created your first Programmatic project. To find out more on how to get started we recommend our tutorials on classification or NER.
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